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1. I would like to use a song or lyrics to a song from one of your artists. 

- Each artist has licensing/publishing information listed on their individual page.

2. Can I send you a demo or song lyrics for review? 

- Proper Management does not accept any unsolicited materials. If you are a new artist, or are just looking for some music industry information or direction, you may contact the Gospel Music Association by visiting or by calling 1-800-GMA-3211. They have many valuable resources and events to equip aspiring artists with excellent music industry information. BMI ( and ASCAP ( are also good places to check to learn more about the music industry and song writing.

3. I am looking for a particular accompaniment track. Where can I find it? 

- Check your local christian bookstore. Many times even if they don't have the title in stock, they can order it. You can also try online stores like or

4. I am seeking management. 

- Our artist roster is currently full. For other great resources, contact the Gospel Music Association. You can contact them at 1-800-GMA-3211 or visit their website at