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The Afters began as a Christian Pop Rock band founded by Josh Havens and Matt Fuqua as the two were working at a Starbucks in Mesquite, TX. The band released their first debut album “I Wish We All Could Win” in 2005. Following albums “Never Going Back to OK” and “Light Up The Sky” found The Afters on the Christian iTunes charts as well as earning a Dove award for album of the year.  

The band’s latest full length album,Live on Forever, lives as a sonic sanctuary for the hurting and the hopeful, celebrating a triumphant message of hope in a convincing musical fashion. Yet for all the assertive, punchy rhythms and anthems that drive this album—the band’s fifth with the Fair Trade label—Live on Forever also showcases textures and timbres across an appealing spectrum. “Sunrise” lives up to its name, its dynamics unfolding gradually to reveal a vista of tight harmonies, while “Time of My Life” brings an irresistible, up tempo dance beat. 

Additionally, The Afters released a greatest hits album titled The Beginning and Everything After in 2018. The album features “Well Done” a tribute to the late Billy Graham.

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LATEST RELEASE: The Beginning and Everything After

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