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Founded in Chicago, Illinois at Harvest Bible Chapel, Vertical Worship exists as a passionate worship collective including members Andy Rozier, Jake France, Jon Guerra, Tara Stutes and Lauren Sweeney-Smith. Signed to Provident Label Group, Vertical has released a total of five albums from “Live Worship from Vertical Church”, which reached No. 10 on Billboard’s Christian Albums in 2012, to “Bright Faith Bold Future” in 2018. 

Between the already and the not yet, Vertical Worship is looking forward to what’s been promised with their latest album Bright Faith Bold Future. “Our previous records have been about ninety percent hindsight saying, ‘this is what the Lord has done’ while Bright Faith Bold Future is a looking forward.” says vocalist Andi Rozier. Songs like “Over All I Know” and “Yes I Will” reiterate Jesus’ own words that you will see His glory and faithfulness poured out in your live when you trust in Him for the boldest future you could ever imagine and the fulfillment of this bright faith.

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